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Tracking the Sun

view of the La carte et le territoire exhibition, La Galerie Du Crous, Paris 2017

Tracking the Sun

12 marble slabs, laser engraving in marble, dimensions of each object: 30×91×2 cm, 2017


Tracking the Sun
12 marble slabs on wooden boxes, laser engraving in marble, dimensions of each object: 30×91×2 cm, 2017

The record of the presence of the Sun in a given latitude (51°06’18.6”N, 17°05’21.4”E) day after day in the year 2016. A Campbell-Stokes heliograph was used to execute the work — a glass sphere focusing the Sun’s rays on an appropriately shaped strip of paper. The rays burn a trace whose length is determined by the time the Sun operates, with an accuracy of six minutes. The drawings on 366 strips of paper were then transferred and laser-engraved on twelve marble slabs, each representing a single month of 2016.

special thanks to:
Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Migala & Piotr Ropuszynski MSc
University of Wroclaw
Institute of Geography & Regional Development
Department of Climatology & Atmosphere Protection