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Palingenesis - (Biology) the repetition by a single organism of various stages in the evolution of its species during embryonic development;

In the film “Der Himmel uber Berlin” by Wim Wenders we hear a repetitive sentence: “Als das Kind Kind war…” – when the child was a child the time of questions began: “why am I me and not you”, “when does the time begin” and “when does the space end”; children in the streets keep their heads turned up to the sky capable of seeing the angels above – future and past incarnations. With the time passing, a man bends more and more towards the ground, more and more carefully looks under their feet, more and more seldom looks up – just as if in the sense of the future unification with the earth, slowly begins to approach it.

The photos by Tomasz Dobiszewski present within themselves the element of uniting these two states, they contain the old that still floats in the sky and the future, whose announcement comes from beneath. Space becomes the metaphor of human time; just as in sleep we can sometimes combine particular periods of time of our life which often are separated by dozens of years; also in these photographs it has become possible to unite unadjacent spaces.

text by Dorota Walentynowicz


pinhole photography, silver gelatin contact prints, 2004